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    Legal Consultancy
    in all fields.
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    File all Cases
    to the schedule of courts
    of different degrees.
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    Follow-up the tenants and
    collection of rents.
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    Representation before
    the arbitral tribunal
    of the Court.
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    Relations and cooperation
    with law offices in
    USA, Britain,
    Egypt and UAE.

Almalikya and Alasfour
Lawyers & Legal Consultants

Having the legal and technical academic experts and the actual practice of the legal profession in the same firm means that we aspire to realize an outstanding outcome through exercising the due diligence…..

The scientific and practical integrity is a profit that will never perish and a market that will never decline and goods that will retain its priceless value ever

"He who has no capital should make the integrity his own capital”

Should one have a share of his name, we ask Allah the Almighty that our foremost cooperation has the largest share of it.

Believing in our supreme mission ....

In fulfillment of the Covenant and the Oath